accountability vs. Judgement

lately, i’ve been Hurting about something. As Catholics, we are obligated to hold each other Accountable for each others actions. To help each other Grow Strong in the Faith and avoid sin. You see it all through the New Testament- Christians writing letters to Christians urging them to Keep the Faith. But how? When one of my friends says a crude joke, do I punch him in the gut? Tell him what a jerk he is and shun him to some far away, sad, lonely corner? This would be Hipocrisy! Its absolutely wrong. How can I possibly Judge others like this and feel Just? How do I Witness to the Faith when I, myself, am a contradiction? I try to hold my friends accountable for my actions. While I haven’t been quite as dramatic as my example, I have not been Just. I would make Excuses- “If I don’t appear angry, they wont Take me seriously”, or something like ” Theyre wrong. Im right. Tough Beans”. In trying to get my friends to Stop making Excuses about not trying for Holiness, I became a Poor Excuse For a Friend. I Regret it. But how Do I hold my Friends Accountable without guilt-tripping them, Getting angry and Generally Downing them?

I found This Related Video-

Fr Barron is indeed a Bro-Hero as is the smiling Archbishop. JOY! Joy is the Key to happiness. Or is it happiness? People are so much more likely to like/listen to someone who is joy-filled. Forget jelly-filled, cream-filled and chocolate-filled. ooh.. I want Joy-Filled! Again, with the lack of differences(joy/happiness). In order to spread truth, we must also spread joy! Because I was not Joyful, I could only be rude and destructive. Sometimes, to Be Heroic you have to be an example. Not in the proud, snobby sense, which it sometimes seems to me, but-hey. he’s super Catholic. He’s a Jerk. Being Super-Catholic Can’t Possibly be a source of joy, otherwise he would be less jerky, more happy. Why would I want the same thing?(er…inversely like that) Instead of “Hey, Sex is BAD, Dont be a DIRT-BAG, have some respect!”, which it isn’t bad, why not “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell your wife she’s your First? To be completely hers? Truly two halves of a whole, not two halves with little bits of other people mixed in?”


"I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say that. Its kinda Rude. You’re a fantastic human being"


"I say this because I care. Don’t Go to that party… you’ll only find empty promises for something that doesn’t satisfy. ever. Lets Grab Burritos and adoration."


Hey. Jesus Loves you so much that He’d rather Die than part from you. He’s so Alive he can afford to be dead. Death couldn’t hold his life. His life Opened the door.

 Now, If you Truly desire Love, Life, and Joy, death can’t hold you from him.

Heroic, isnt it?